50 Man Crew Episode 2

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“So my case, your honor, is that these children have been abused, mistreated, and have been living in bad conditions. We should change that. My point is: These children will not learn how to reenter society as competent and model citizens if these guards and prisons are not promoting that. These children have done MORE bad things as a result of this prison.” Devin grinned as he knew the judge and jury were sympathetic. He knew they would win.

The case went on and was easily won by the inmates. Devin immediately went to his uncle, who was his caretaker. They bonded and made up for the missed time.

Devin joined a group called “The new age.” It was a hangout place where teenagers could meet new people, make new friends, and have support during the difficult stage in their life. They had IDs and everything.

Devin thought it was cool. Devin invited multiple of his old friends to join. Everyone came and had a generally good time. The group had 200 members, including Devin and his friends.

Devin was living life on the highway. The leader, however, was losing money. “We are running out of money. Any ideas?” One replied, “We could all get jobs.”

The leader, Wes, said no due to them needing money right away. One said, “Are we willing to take a risk?” His name was Zach.

Wes replied, “Yeah, whatever it takes.” “We could rob a bank. Mostly everyone in here is a risk taker. We need a plan.” Zach immediately replied.

Everyone but Devin and his friends agreed. “Are you serious? Are you an idiot or something? Im trying- EVERYONE is trying to move away from the past. We’re trying to change the channel from yesterday because YESTERDAY WAS BAD!” Devin yelled.

“You can either stay and go along with the plan or leave and don’t talk to us,” Wes said.

Devin shot back, “I’d rather do the second than go back into another horrible prison.” Zach said to Devin, “If you wanna try to play superhero and stop us, we’re robbing the Spotlight Financial Bank!” Devin walked away with the rest of his friends.

“That’s minus 30 people.” Said, Wes. “Make that 50.” Said 20 other people. The 50 people left.

“Did you really just tell ’em what we’re gonna rob?” Wes added. “No, we’re robbing the Elysium National Bank. I’m not stupid.” Said Zach.

“Okay then, let’s draw up plans.” Devin and his friends walked to an abandoned garage. They decided it would be their place of operations.

Devin pulled out his flip phone and texted his uncle. “hey, I’m gonna be home a bit late. I’ll be home about 11:00. Don’t worry. I got a big group.”

“Okay, but don’t do anything stupid. Love ya, kiddo.”  -love you too, Uncle Andy. See ya later.-  

They got to the garage. “We gotta stop ’em.” Said Devin. “That’s for the cops.” Said Cruz.

“You really think an extremely busy police force will stop 150 bank robbers that are armed with weapons? No. I don’t think so either.” Said Devin.

“Well, I think we all have guns. I mean, even if some of us don’t, I have some extra.” Said Cruz.

Everyone started planning. “WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!” Said Devin. “They won’t rob spotlight financial. They may be dumb, but they aren’t that dumb. I want a pair of people on every building roof next to all the big banks. Radio me if you see them. We will stop these monsters, whatever it takes.” Devin said loudly.

That’s the end of episode 2. If you haven’t read Episode 1 yet, here it is.

Hope you are enjoying. Bah bah, and as always, God loves you. PEACE!

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