50 Man Crew- Episode 1

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You can read the intro here if you haven’t read it yet.

“Lights out, you rats.” said the guard. Devin and his bunkmate, Cruz, were snickering as they dialed a number on their stolen phone. They quietly called the lawyer and made their plan.

Their prison, Redwood Prison, had horrible conditions and was filled with terrible guards. Devin had his face burned by his face being shoved into a skillet that was burning hot on the oven top.

Cruz witnessed unconscious bodies being left on the floor. Devin saw someone that nearly got beaten to death in the hall.

“Some aren’t so lucky.” Says Devin. The lawyer’s jaw dropped. Cruz mentioned that guards tased juvenile inmates for fun sometimes. The lawyer was about to speak for all of them.

The lawyer posted a video mentioning all of the horrible conditions in the prison. It waited a while before it went viral.

Cruz said to Devin, “Yo, you want to go to sleep or something?” To which Devin replied, “Yes.”

It was morning. “I’m gonna check on Evelyn. She’s been a bit traumatized after being put in the insane asylum for no reason.” Cruz said, “Better go check on Mclong. His Eyes have been acting up on him lately.”

They both went their separate ways. Devin reached Evelyn at breakfast. As soon as Devin was about to speak, Derrick popped up. Derrick was a generally nice guard who knew that the warden didn’t care what he did.

“Yo, you wanna ditch this slop for some waffles?” Said Derrick. Both Devin and Evelyn replied yes.

Devin and Evelyn had a club. It was called: the cooking club. They both liked cooking and so did a lot of other juveniles.

After breakfast, Devin informed Evelyn that he made the call. Evelyn hugged him and then said, “Let’s get out of this trashy prison.”

Alright. End of episode 1. I ended it on a cliffhanger and made it short because it was kind of an intro to part 2.

Anyways, see ya later. God loves you. Bye.

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