3 Improvements Minecraft Should Add

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Minecraft is a very improved game. With 1.18 just coming out and caves being expanded, there are more opportunities than ever to stretch and improve. Let’s go over some upgrades Minecraft should add that would enhance our gameplay.

Number 1: Ender Dragon Eggs

I have not heard of a Minecraft player that does not want this one. What if the Ender dragon egg hatches? Ender dragon eggs are cute decorations, and some of us do want them to stay silently nestled in a beacon shrine instead of hatching into a terrifying beast to behold, but we could add bone meal to make them hatch. This could give us a choice if we want to use them as décor, or fertilize them and make them hatch.

download (2).jpg
download (8).jpg

Number 2: Redstone

This one would upgrade our Redstone builds to an extent that we cannot comprehend. What if Redstone dust could be laid out vertically? Honestly, Redstone as it is now is a waste of space when you are making a ceiling lamp or something. Redstone would need to go outside your wall and go up an amount of blocks one at a time. It is also time-consuming and a waste of items. If Redstone could go up walls, it would be much less of an eyesore, and our time could be happily spent discovering jungle temples, and everyone is happy, right?


Number 3: Expand Building Opportunities

This one would expand our building opportunities. See this house? Anything wrong with it? Take a close look!

download (1).jpg

Are you done? Well, okay. Did you find out what is wrong with it? Nope, it is not that! The roof is slanted! See, in Minecraft, we have to build with stairs or slabs. With diagonal slabs added into the game, we can seriously build houses correctly, not like this:

download (9).jpg

AND with a sliding enhancement, mobs will slide straight off of it, making mob farms much less boring and more efficient!


Thank you for reading this post, and drop a comment for me please.

And with that said, happy holidays, all right?

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