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In a forest full of predators, there was one wolf alone in the forest wandering. Not knowing what to do and where to go. He watched as a raven built a nest in an oak tree.

Three days had past since he has eaten food. He thought about his teeth sinking into a fresh piece of meat. His family was in a war between a pack of other wolves. But his pack hadn’t won, so his family suffered as the other wolves ripped their hearts out.

Suddenly, a pack of wolves came running to him. He ran as fast as he could. He would die if he just stood there! But the pack was too fast for him. “Dang it,” he thought. “I’m totally gonna die.” He was going to die just like his family. He thought about all the pain.

Finally the pack got to him. Surprisingly they didn’t kill him and they just stared at him. One wolf stood up. “You have to help us,” she said. “You’re our only hope.”

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