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Hi everyone.. I don’t know if I’m the only one here who likes wind turbines, but if YOU do this is the group.

Some may not know what a wind turbine is so here is a brief description of how they work.

Wind turbines are quite fascinating! When you first think about them, they may seem simple, but no they are not .

First, a motor helps them to start spinning. As the wind spins their blades, they rotate. This spins a low-speed shaft, and that spins a high-speed shaft, and that spins the shaft inside the generator.

This converts kinetic energy or energy of motion into electrical energy. NOW, THAT GENERATOR GENERATES ELECTRICITY!

That is quite a long process, right?

Now I hope you understand why I say that wind turbines are fascinating.

Now you now how they work, so here are some facts.

1. The largest wind turbine constructed in the world is GE (s) halide X. Its height is 260 meters, with a 14 megawatts capacity its blade length is 107 meters)

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