The Secret To Finding Your Passion In Life: Igniting Your Spark

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Have you ever been asked what you are passionate about and want to accomplish in the future and why? Or maybe you’re even told to find your passion at some point in your life?

As for me, YES, and a lot of times at that.

For some people, finding their passion or what they love to do is an easy path (some even find it very young), but for others, it might be one of the most challenging things to know.

When we say passion in life, it pertains to hobbies, activities, interests, talents, and even events that motivate us and fuel us to do the things we love. It brings us joy and a sense of fulfillment. We might even feel relaxed and content afterward. Some even equate passion as a means to finding their career paths in the future.

Maybe you’re into gaming, sports, fashion, arts, music, astronomy, or writing? Or perhaps you love cars, bikes, cats, LEGO, computers, performing arts, or helping people? Whatever it is, it’s a beautiful and inspiring moment to realize you know what brings you happiness and enjoyment.

If you already have something you’re passionate about, you’re very lucky! If not, do not fret. It’s okay⁠. No pressure—there’s nothing wrong with you!

I’ll tell you a little secret: You can find your passion.

I’ve gathered some tips to spot what ignites your spark and ways to help you in your journey to discover yours.

Brainstorm What Your Interests Are

Take a moment to think about all the activities, hobbies, or anything else that makes you happy and excited, and make a list of them. Then, if you still find it hard to think of one, you can ask yourself questions like these:

What lights you up? Something you find enjoyable to research or read about continuously? What topics do you enjoy teaching to others or enjoy debating? What things can you talk about for hours?

In other words, what things do you love spending your time and energy on? And what things could you do for hours that cause you to lose track of time? 

Pay special attention to those activities because it means you enjoy doing them.

It could be creating, experimenting, or tinkering with stuff, reading books and comics, making slime, playing Minecraft or Fortnite, painting, or riding your bike. Perhaps you love photography, stand-up comedy, public speaking, writing, or cooking.

For me, the answer to this question is writing. I’ve always loved writing short stories. I even wrote a horror story before, but sadly, I couldn’t find it anymore.

Foster Your Natural Talents

If you already have a natural inclination to drawing, singing, creating, or any unique abilities, immerse yourself in activities where you can use and invest in your talent constantly. You can even allot a specific time of a day, or once a week to spend time practicing. You don’t need to master it or achieve perfection. Just do it often and practice some more.

Try New Things

Another way of finding your passion is to try new things. You can list all activities or experiences you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the motivation to do it. Then, expose yourself to things you are interested in and try them out. You can try knitting, pottery, learning a new instrument, or a new sport—anything!

Also, approach things with an open mind. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable or even scared at first, especially if you haven’t done it before. Trying new things will open you up to new opportunities and maybe even find something you didn’t even know you liked.

So, one piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Know The Things You Don’t Love

We’ve been talking about finding the things you love doing, but it’s also important to determine what you don’t love or enjoy doing. 

You can ask yourself which activities drain you or make you feel stressed. What do you think isn’t working for you or doesn’t inspire you to strive in life? 

Knowing what you don’t love will help you determine the things you want less in your life. It will also give you a better understanding of what makes you who you are and what you want to pursue in the future.

Connect With People With Similar Passions

Finding and connecting with people with similar passions will help motivate and inspire you to pursue what you’re passionate about. These people will understand why you love something because they, themselves, love doing this specific activity too. You’ll have many moments to talk about the things you both enjoy, and they might even give you new ideas to try. You may start a gaming group, join a book club, or hiking group.

Refrain From Comparing Yourself To Others

This has been one of the most common yet often unconscious things most people do – being guilty of comparing themselves to others. 

People often compare their qualities with a person’s talents or best qualities, but this only leads to low self-esteem, negative thoughts, and the sense of “not being good enough.”

Training your mind to stop the comparison habit will allow you to celebrate your strengths while embracing your weaknesses with a kind and positive outlook. It will also boost your confidence and allow you to focus on bettering yourself and your qualities.

When you believe in yourself, you’ll be more inspired to pursue what you love doing and take charge of your own life.

Remember that we are all different and have different talents that we can share with the world. Appreciate yourself just a little bit more!

At the end of the day, it’s always about doing what you love and following your interests. It’s about finding the things that make you happy and igniting the spark within you. So don’t limit yourself and allow yourself to explore.

You don’t need to only focus on finding and perfecting your passions in life. Do things out of enjoyment and fun too. If you find something that you really love doing, then do it.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you know what your passion is? What are your other tips on finding what you’re passionate about? Please comment down below and share it with others!

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