The Most Dangerous Animal in the World!

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The most dangerous animal in the world is small but deadly.

It’s a mosquito… A tiny, annoying insect that sucks your blood like a vampire. But how is a tiny pest so bad??

You would probably be like, “Nah, the most dangerous animal is a big cat or something.” Although encountering a lion in the wild would be dangerous and horrible, they still aren’t bad.

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The reason why mosquitos are bad is because they might bite somebody with Malaria, and then fly over to somebody else and bite them, making them sick. Other sicknesses mosquitos spread are Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika virus.

Here is are some fact charts:

Screenshot 2023-03-19 113051.png

Something really weird about mosquitos is that they… umm…urinate on you in order to make space to suck more of your blood! Yeah, kind-a disgusting. But they don’t only suck blood. They eat plant sap, nectar, honeydew and other plant fluids.

Studies show that mosquitos like people with Type “O” blood more than the other types.

Mosquitos live in hot, humid areas. So if you live in Texas, I can only wish you good luck with mosquitos…

Some tips for surviving these horrible bugs and reducing bites:

-Even in summer, wear long sleeves and light colors to reduce bites. You can wear thin clothes so you won’t be too hot.

-Some stores have Citronella bracelets to stop the mosquitos. Maybe buy one!

-Mosquito spray REALLY helps. I don’t get any bites with them.

I hope y’all found this interesting and helpful!!! Bye y’all! Hope you don’t get too many bites!

Lol, out!

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