The Biggest Lie On The Internet

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Okay, think about this for a little bit. When was the last time you actually read the terms of service? I know, it is just so long and you want to get to playing that new video game. Today we will test some of the popular games and websites out there and give them grades based on what they say in the terms of service.


  • Can delete information with no reason or notice
  • Collects personal data
  • Account can be deleted without reason or notice
  • Assumes consent based on usage

Grade: D-

Among Us

  • Advertises cookies
  • May use tracking pixels, web beacons, browser fingerprinting, or device fingerprinting on users
  • Personal data may be sold or transferred
  • Can allow personal information to be seen without notifying you

Grade: B


  • Can gather information about you
  • Assumes consent based on usage

Grade: A


  • Stores your data with or without an account
  • Identity used in ads shown to other users
  • Can read private messages
  • Can view activity
  • Deleted content is not really deleted

Grade: F-


  • Can read private messages
  • You sign away moral rights
  • Can delete content without notice or reason

Grade: F+

Note: If this post causes uproar I may or may not delete or edit it based on the type of arguments.

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