So.. Much.. Coal!

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Honestly, I did not know there was so many types of coal until I researched for this post. But, before we get into that, let’s dive into what coal is.

Coal is formed from decayed plant matter and is commonly found in sedimentary rock. Over half of the electricity produced in the United States is made by coal burning power plants. Not all coal is the same.

One type of coal is called anthracite, or hard coal. Hard coal is shiny, hard, and black. It burns slowly and cleanly with a hot flame. It is the least common coal, making it very expensive.


Another type of coal is called bituminous coal. Also called soft coal, bituminous coal is widely used to produce electricity in power plants. It also contains a tarlike substance that can be refined into coal tar. Bituminous coal is the least common coal.


A similar coal is sub-bituminous coal. It is softer and more crumbly than bituminous coal, and is the second most common type of coal. It is mostly used for generating electricity.


Lignite is the poorest quality coal. It is also called brown coal. Brown coal give off an offensive odor and large amounts of black, sooty smoke when burned.


Please comment below with your thoughts about coal, or if you have any questions.

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