Should Your Cat Drink Milk?

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If you ask someone on the internet if cats drink cow’s milk, they’ll more likely than not tell you that they love it. But is this information true? Today, we are going to dive into the topic of cats drinking cow’s milk and if it’s a good food source for your kitten.


Cats do seem to enjoy the taste of cow’s milk. This is because if you leave a bowl of milk out in your kitchen with the kitchen being accessible to the cat, they will most likely go take a drink of it. So yes, cats do seem to enjoy drinking milk, but is it good for them?


Many studies show that cats are indeed lactose intolerant. This means the cat should not consume milk, as it can cause slight digestive problems. However, kittens are born being able to drink milk from their mothers, as they are unable to chew food that larger cats eat, like cat-food or tuna. So in short, do not feed your kitten cow’s milk.

Do you agree? Does your cat drink regular milk? Please comment below with your thoughts!

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