Shelled Mondays – Spiders

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This is Fred the turtle. And if you don’t know Fred, he loves quizzes. But Fred is scared to death of spiders. He is trying to overcome that fear by learning more about them. Help Fred by answering some of the questions below:

The most venomous spider in the world is the:

A; Black Widow

B; Brazilian Wandering Spider

C; Brown Recluse

Answer: B; The Brazilian Wandering Spider is the most venomous in the world. I tis also called the banana spider.

Which spider’s web can last several years?

A; Gold Orb Spider

B; Brown Recluse

C; Black Widow

Answer: A; The Gold Orb Spider’s web can last several years and can even catch birds.

Which spider can run up to 2 feet per second?

A; Wolf Spider

B; Brown Recluse

C; Water Spider

Answer: A; the wolf spider can run up to 2 feet per second.

How did you do? What quiz should Fred test you at next?

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