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Um… Hi Loves ♡

So yesterday my stomach hurt. Not to bad, but it kept getting worse and worse. So I went to the nurse at my school and told her that my stomach hurt and she gave me a PEPPERMINT… like that’s gonna do anything. (It turned out that was the worst thing she could give me)

woman in white button up shirt and blue stethoscope

So I fell asleep in the nurse’s office, but woke up later because my stomach hurt so badly. It felt like somebody was stabbing my right side of my body. My mom was still on her way… at the time I was in so much pain. The nurse asked if I still had my appendix in. She thought my appendix had burst and I did too. My mom finally came and took me to the car as I was crying. It hurt so bad I couldn’t even take deep breaths without hurting.

She took me to the doctor and they told me that my gall bladder (a part in your stomach that releases acids) was inflamed, or, there was too much acid in my stomach. Either way I could not have lemon or mint (see what I mean about the peppermints?) And I also have a cough, and my cough drops are lemon-mint flavored! So, I can’t have those…

Please pray for me! I have to get a scan on my stomach and blood tests done soon to make sure it’s not dangerous, and I’m afraid of needles!

Thanks for reading,

Your favorite, izzie ♡

Comment below with your thoughts. Have you had a similar health scare?

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