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My first versus. Let’s do this.

Jumping straight into it, we have the challenger, little Mac!

Little Mac can knock out Donkey Kong, who I believe is on par if not stronger than the average gorilla.

Can also withstand punches from a man who can destroy an entire brick building with a single punch. Also has beaten Mike Tyson, Bald Bull, And an enhanced (if you know what I mean) Soda Popinski.

Next, the defender, Rocky Balboa!

Rocky Balboa is capable of knocking out an enhanced Ivan Drago and taking PUNCHES from an enhanced Ivan Drago. Also, Rocky can die 7 times!

“Wait, wait, wait, pause.” You say. Well, basing off of the lore of the first and second movies, Rocky went 15 rounds with Apollo Creed, who was killed by Ivan Drago in 2 rounds.

15 divided by 2 is 7 with a remainder of 1. Apollo Creed Only lost the second fight because Rocky got up faster.

So Rocky can die 7 times. Also, an Enhanced Ivan Drago is basically a Gorilla with less durability.

AND… FIGHT! Just kidding. Debate in the comments. I will allow you to vote.

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