Real Steel: The People’s Champion EP. 1 (Pilot, Short)

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This episode of the odd1sout is called…



okay, so my first attempt at a fanfic series. Btw watch Real Steel before you read this.

Let’s see how well it goes.


This episode of Real Steel: The People’s Champion is called…

The Path To Revenge


Charlie woke up in his new house right after marrying Bailey and re-gaining custody of Max.

Max ran up to Charlie, who was drinking a coffee.

“DAD, I JUST HAD AN AMAZING IDEA!” Max says, a Dr. Pepper in hand.

“What is the amazing idea, Max? It’s 6:45 in the morning, and I haven’t even finished my coffee. I’ll listen later.” Charlie replies, obviously still tired.

Max sighs and goes back to the garage.

He works on Atom, who had just won a fight against Blac Jac to advance up the WRB ranks.

“You’re gonna win the title, Atom. No other bot did what you did against Zeus. With Charlie using Shadow Mode primarily now, you will be unstoppable!” Max says to Atom.

“Alright, once Noisy Boy is repaired, we can either sell him or let Bailey get into the ranks with him, or we’ll use him as a sparring bot. After what happened with you, that’s bound to be a good idea.”

Atom had a small level of self-awareness, being able to understand.

It was a bright future.


hope you enjoyed, but i gotta go


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