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Who invented slime?

Have you ever wondered who invented slime? Well, it was invented by Mattel Toys in 1976!

What was the first ever color in slime?

Light green!

Is slime a solid or liquid?

Actually slime is known as “Non-Newtonian fluid“, which means that it is neither solid nor liquid.

Who made the largest slime in the world?

A 12 year old made the largest slime ever! It weighs about six tons!

Who made the most flexible slime?

A 10 year old! She stretched her slime to 7ft and 4in in less than 30 seconds!

Year of Slime!

Google considered 2017 as the Year of Slime because it was the most searched thing!

Hope you enjoyed this article!

Do you know any slime trivia, or tips to use and make it? Please comment below.

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