In A Better World – Kids Rights!

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No, I’m not going to use the Signed Out of Account anonymous user anymore because it’s pointless. I don’t need to. Anyways, I’m going to begin this essay (lol).

It’s always been a thing. People have always treated each other unfairly because of things like race, gender, and age. You may think that things like this are history and don’t happen anymore. But they do.

group of women standing on green grass field during daytime

People can be treated unfairly because of their age. Often, adults don’t consider kids’ opinions just because of their age. You could call this ageism. Or, more specifically, adultism. (Yes, it is a thing. Look it up, even though I’m going to talk about it in this post. Actually, whatever.)

Some examples of adultism are not considering kids’ opinions, not letting kids vote, considering adults to be better than kids, and that kind of stuff.

Basically, these same rights for Black people or women were denied, but in this case, kids.

four children standing on dirt during daytime

What would a world without adultism look like? Well, kids would have a say in everything that affects them and their world, and they and adults would be equal. Both kids and adults would be equally important.

You may also be thinking: Aren’t kids less mature than adults so that they wouldn’t make good decisions or stuff?

Well, it isn’t accurate to say that because age and maturity aren’t the same thing at all. I’ll talk more about that in another post.

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