Ideas and Display Problems

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Hi Kidzsearch! It’s nice to be back, but it is a little bit confusing and kind of bittersweet.

I personally think that we should bring back personal walls, the chat feels convoluted and crowded. In grammerly’s words “It’s wordy and hard to read” Lol

I like the new display, but again it is too complex, it could be a bit simpler.

Touch notifs if it is possible, im not asking you to do things out of your ability so if any of these things are difficult, just know that i am not being demanding.

Bios! Self explanitory

Pming: I have heard that you might add it soon, and i’m very greatful.

Dark Mode and maybe some more profile customization (Think of it like tumblr blogs with the background patterns and colors, but just the profile) Dark mode is a must for pretty much every website.

The User Interface (if that is the correct term) is my biggest concern as of right now. It is confusing, probably even more confusing for past kidznet users rather than new users. Adding on to this, the chat is very, very messy.

Thanks for reading! – Bubblegum <3

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