Here’s How You Can Make Studying A Daily Habit

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Studying can be challenging, especially if you’re already juggling many responsibilities, whether in academics or personal life. When faced with time-consuming activities, such as schoolwork, assignments, and exams, adjusting to these workloads can be stressful and require much preparation.

This is why it’s important to make studying a daily habit to help you mentally and emotionally prepare for each study session. Doing so will also improve your academic performance and productivity.

So how can you study daily without being distracted, stressed, or unmotivated? 

The good news is that anybody, including YOU, can definitely create a consistent, daily study routine.

Here are four tips to make studying a regular part of your life.

Set a Time

Studying every day at a specific time helps you form a habit because your brain already remembers what you do. This daily routine makes studying easier, as your brain’s already prepared for learning during those times each day. 

So how do you set the time? To do so:

  1. Review your schedule first and see when is your free time. 
  2. Choose a specific block of time to study every day. For example, this could be after your classes or dinner. Just make sure you choose a time that works for you.

After setting the time, it’s important to determine how much time you should study each day.

Here’s a trick I will share with you.

Just multiply your grade level by 10 minutes. So if you’re in 6th grade, you must study for 60 minutes (1 hour) per day. If you’re in 9th grade, you will spend 90 minutes or 1 hour and 30 minutes studying. 

According to research, the maximum time to study daily is two hours. Therefore, any studying that exceeds that on a regular basis can cause anxiety and stress.

Now, what if you’ve already finished your assignments or reviewed your learning materials but still have extra minutes left? What can you do?

You can spend those by reading a book, which can help improve your knowledge, language skills, and vocabulary.

Set A Reminder

If you want to make studying a daily habit, it’s important to set a daily reminder to remember it. 

This could be an alarm set daily on your phone with a note “Time to Study!” Or it could be a printed note posted on your laptop, iPad, or computer screen. You could also put a card above your desk. 

Anything to effectively remind you to study every day!

Create a Good Study Space

Finding a good place is one of the most crucial factors in studying well. Remember not to study on your bed or in front of your computer, laptop, or television. (But if your learning materials are on your laptop, that’s an exception.)

Pick a place with minimal distractions that won’t be interrupted to keep you focused on your assignments and any other academic duties. The best option is a desk or table with good lighting.

Also, studying in the same space daily helps you get into the zone because your brain is already trained to associate that specific location for studying. 

Reward Yourself

Let’s be honest. Doing something challenging feels easier when you look forward to something once you’re done. 

Doing a reward system will help motivate you to reach your goal and reinforce your positive mindset and behavior. Not only that—doing so also acknowledges your hard work and accomplishments.

So after every studying session it’s important to reward yourself. This could be eating ice cream, pizza, or any of your favorite foods for a treat. You could also play your favorite game, or watch a TV series with your friends. Anything that would spark joy in you will work!


Remember that the more you continue to do it, the easier studying gets. So strive to make studying a daily habit. You may even want to find a study buddy to help you form and stay with the routine.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you know other tips to make studying a daily habit? Please comment below with your answers.

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