Ginny Weasley and…Draco Malfoy!?!?

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I know this may sound crazy, but it’s not and no, I’m not going insane. The truth is they would make a great couple! They are more alike than they seem. They are really both good guys. Now you might be thinking that Draco is bad, but he is not!!! I know, crazy right. But in the second movie in the bookstore, Draco is shown in the background ripping out a page from a book. Later on in the movie Hermione is found paralyzed with a single piece of paper in her hand. It’s the same page as the one Draco ripped out. In the fourth book he told Hermione that she should keep her big bushy head down and that the death eaters are wanting Mudbloods and are heading their way now.

It might seem like he’s being rude in the movies,  but he’s not and just trying to help and pretend to be rude. It is just like Draco. Ginny is fierce and if they had kids they would be a girl and a boy and they would both have strawberry blonde hair with freckles. They would take after their mother and be in Gryffindor.

What do you think about the idea? Please comment below.

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