Fastest Aircrafts In The World 2022 (Top 5)


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Do you know the fastest aircrafts in the world? Read this post and find out!

5. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird – Mach 3.34 (2,200 mph)

4. Lockheed A-12 – Mach 2.88 (2,212 mph)

3. Lockheed YF-12 – Mach 2.96 (2,275 mph)

2. North American X- 15 – Mach 5.89 (4,520 mph)

1. Nasa X-43  – Mach 9.60 (7,366 mph)

The fastest aircraft produced to date is the NASA X-43. The X-43 is also one of the most technologically advanced aircrafts to have ever been produced. The X- 43 is so advanced that it is actually unmanned (cool ha?)! NASA hopes that one day we’ll be able to  go to other solar systems using designs inspired by the X-43 (smashing right?).

Note: Mach is the speed of sound and often used for jet speeds as a multiple of it. Mach 1 is about 767 miles per hour (1,245 kph).

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