Celebrating Sámi National Day – February 6th

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If you live in Norway, Especially in the North of Norway (Finnmark, Nordland, and Trøms, to be more specific), you might have heard of Sámi National Day.

For those who haven’t heard about it, I will explain it in this article. I will discuss Sámi National Day, its origins, and how to celebrate it.

The Origins

Sámi National Day is celebrated on February 6th since February 6, 1917, when the Sámi Government was founded in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Despite being a holiday to celebrate all Sámi people regardless of where they live, it is only a national holiday in Norway. The holiday was created in 1992 in Jokkmokk, Sweden, and since then, it has been celebrated annually.

The Holiday focused on the Sámi people of Scandinavia and Russia and their rights, Including in the Sámi Act, as mentioned below.

It is the responsibility of the authorities of the State to create conditions enabling the Sámi people to preserve and develop its language, culture, and way of life.”  

(This is taken from the Norwegian Sámi Act)


In some places in Norway, flying the Sámi flag alongside the Norwegian flag during the holiday is a law. However, some places with a larger Sámi population fly the Sámi flag year-round.

One of the notable celebrations is in Oslo. The City Hall plays the National Anthem of Sápmi as they hang the Sámi Flag.

Unfortunately, I cannot post it here because one of the lines mentions violence. I will see if I can put the alternative version (This is their National Joik)

“Sámieatnan duoddariid” – Sami Patriotic Song

Schools also celebrate this day in different ways. Elementary schools in Norway often put lessons in Sámi Culture. Universities also hold special events dedicated to the Sámi people.

You can celebrate at home by listening to Sámi Music (Joik), Attending a local Nordic heritage center (some centers, like Sons of Norway and Nordic Northwest, have celebrations for Sámi National Day), and researching the Sámi People (and yes, you can watch Frozen since that also is based off Sámi Culture. I am actually planning to watch Frozen to celebrate lol).

Hope you guys enjoy this essay. I know it was kind of short, but I still have writer’s block; plus, my school moderation has blocked 90% of the sites I use for research, but I hope you guys enjoy it.

Happy Sámi People’s Day Everyone!

Báze Dearvan! (Goodbye in Sámi)

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