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Hello and welcome to a study into living with autism.

(This might be a bit rushed or very badly said)

I’m autistic, so I have a sort of condition in my brain that acts differently than a normal brain.. Things like smell, touch, and hearing senses are very different than normal senses

(Hopefully I got that right)

There are 3 Levels of Autism

Level 1:  Might have difficulty talking to people, or switching activities.

Level 2: Its a bit more severe and harms daily functioning,  talking to people, etc.

Level 3: Just like the other two but very severe and they have trouble with talking and a lot more!

I’m in the level 2 area, so my autism is not severe and I hope to help other autistic people in the future.

Do you have autism? Do you have any questions about it, like the best way to interact with autistic people?

Buh bye!


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