Art Ideas (my first post)

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I love art – whether it be painting or drawing. It is fun and really creative. You can draw a dog or you can paint a tree. You can add some this details, or maybe just a little. You don’t have to be great at art to really enjoy it.

Sometimes you may lose motivation or art ideas, so today I’m going to give you a few ideas that may help boost up your motivation.

Idea #1 – Draw a pet. 

It can be a current or past pet. You can draw your own pet, or a friend’s pet. IMG_20221012_114641.jpg

if you don’t have a pet, or your friends don’t have one, create a make-believe pet to draw!

Idea #2:  Draw a cartoon character

If you don’t know any characters to draw, pick some of your favorite cartoons, like maybe Oddballs or The Cuphead show.

Idea #3:   Spin and pick something

Spin around in a circle for a few seconds and count to five. When you stop spinning, open your eyes and draw the first thing that you see!

I hope you enjoyed this article (this is my first one on kidznet!) =D

Please post your art inspiration ideas. You can also post your art in the comments!

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