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Have you heard about May Day? May Day Is a festival that celebrates the Return of Spring.  It normally takes place on the 1st of May, and many people  celebrate  it with flowers or festivals.

One of the oldest traditions is The Maypole, which is a tree trunk, or a pole decorated with colorful ribbons.  People then dance around the pole.

The Maypole

Sadly, it is not celebrated In America, except for Hawaii. It is an official holiday in 66 countries. In some countries, May Day is a day that honors workers and is a bit like Labor Day in the United States.

Unlike the Maypole, kids can decorate baskets out of paper and fill them with pretty flowers. They later knock on their neighbor’s house and leave them on there doorstep as a gift.


Also, in Hawaii they call it Lei Day, and wear a lei, which is worn around their neck.

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