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I was always a coward, always. I remember the time when I was playing with R, I, E, N, D, and S. Then the other letters started bullying us. It was something that I have never forgotten.

L started laughing at us because we were acting like weirdos. So… I grabbed A, R, and T, to spell out the word (fart). Suddenly, when L heard a weird farting noise, he looked behind and was surprised to see himself farting.

The other letters couldn’t stop laughing! N, who was smiling, looked at me and did a happy laugh. Then L grasped me on the neck and placed me right beside R, I, C, and K by pure accident. That spelled the word, (fr*ck).

That made the other letters very angry at me. Then, the other letters started attacking me. OOF!

I saw N that was trying to help me but was too scared to get in the crowd. So I only had one choice… to run. I ran as quickly as I could to the nearest shelter, which was a big cave. I ran inside and climbed up to the window.

And I saw N standing there crying for me. It was a disaster! I wanted N to come with me, but it was too late. The other letters offered him to play with them instead. So I gave up on trying to be a nice letter.

I tried not to trust others and live alone.

When I finally came out of that cave… my life was changed.

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