Why Taylor Swift is Re-Recording Her First Six Albums

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Taylor’s old manager, Scooter Braun, bought the rights to Taylor’s six albums. Taylor had never owned the rights to her songs since she had signed her first record deal at age 14.

Taylor even tried to buy back her music from the label she had signed, Big Machine Records, but instead, they refused but instead sold them to Scooter and his company Ithaca Holdings!

So whenever you stream Taylor’s old songs, Scoot Braun is the one making money!

In 2018, Taylor did not want to sign with Big Machine Records again, so instead signed a deal with Universal’s Republic Records.

They made sure they would let Taylor own her next albums and songs she records in the future.

Taylor Swift is currently re-recording her earlier albums in order to gain control of their masters. This means that she will have the power to determine how the original recordings of her songs are used, including whether or not they can be featured in advertisements. This move will give Swift more ownership and creative control over her music career.

Among the six albums, Taylor has already re-recorded three albums.

‘Fearless’, which was first released in 2008, was re-recorded as ‘Fearless – Taylor’s Version’ and released on April 2021.

‘Speak Now,’ which is Taylor’s third album released in 2010, was finally re-recorded and released as ‘Speak Now – Taylor’s Version’ on July 7, 2023.

Lastly, ‘Red’, which was released in 2012, was finally re-recorded and released as ‘Red – Taylor’s Version’ on November 2021.

Taylor Swift still has to re-record and release her debut album, Taylor Swift (2006), 1989 (2014), and Reputation (2017).

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