What Is An Anagram?

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An anagram is a word or phrase in which the letters are rearranged to make a different word or phrase. For example: You could make a code or another form of crypt with your friend so other people wouldn’t know what you are doing.

You could also send codes encrypted inside regular sentences that use the crypt:


The boat was won. He caught a large grouper on it. A car crashed near the dock. The person inside was fine, and he roved around the block until he found help. He found help three minutes later.

Translated: Boat-Abort   Won-Now   Grouper-Regroup   Rove-Over   Three-There

Abort now. Regroup over there.

If you want to make your own anagrams, try out these anagram websites:

Make sure your have a parent or guardian’s permission before surfing the web.

Post your own Anagram challenges in the comments.

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