Here’s How to Build A Sandcastle

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During summer, people often head to the beach to relax, have fun, enjoy family vacations, or even reconnect with nature. And if you’ve ever gone to the beach before, chances are, you’ve already tried building a sandcastle or seen others do so. 

Let’s be honest. Besides basking under the warm sun, feeling the ocean waves, and digging our toes into the sand, building a towering sandcastle and defending it against the strong waves has become one of the most enjoyable beach traditions to do with your family, friends, or even alone.

With nothing but sand, bucket, shovel, and imagination, we can build majestic kingdoms on the shore and craft magical stories along with it! 

But have you ever wondered why building a sandcastle is sometimes hard? Or when you’ve already made one, it crumbles easily? It can be quite frustrating, right?

Building a stable sandcastle that can withstand waves can be challenging, but it’s not impossible! With patience, skill, and expertise, you can build a stable sandcastle. 

So don’t fret. If you want to learn the art of sandcastle building, I’m here to help you. I’ll share some simple tips for building a superb sandcastle. 

Get Your Tools

Before building your sandcastle, it’s important to have your proper tools! But don’t worry. It’s simple.

All you need are sand, water, a sturdy shovel, a good size bucket, and a carving tool like a plastic knife.

Create a Pile of Sand

First, make a pile of sand using your hands. Or you can grab a shovel, bucket, or spade to make this process fast. This pile of sand will be your solid base. 

Take note: Make one based on how much time you want to spend on it.  

It’s also better to scoop the sand from the area near the ocean, as wet sand sticks together better than dry sand that’s farther from the water.

Don’t forget to stomp or pack down on the sand to make it compact.

Add Plenty of Water

Next, add lots of water. Do so by poking deep holes into the pile using a stick or the long handle of a shovel. Then slowly pour buckets of water into the hole to make it compact.

After each bucket, stomp and press on the mound to make it more solid. If the sand is still too dry or loose, add more water. Pack the sand down again using your hands and feet or by rolling a large bucket over it until it feels like a solid block.

Build Towers and Other Features

Now, it’s time to make towers, walls, and other features you like to add! 

To create towers, you can do it by filling the bucket with wet sand. Don’t forget to pack or punch the sand down with your hands until it is compact. 

The next step is to place the bucket upside down. Don’t forget to gently shake the tower after adding each layer to help the sand settle.

After jiggling it, remove the bucket. Don’t worry. If your sand is solid enough, it won’t crumble!

Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with how many towers you want to create!

Once you’re done with the towers, you can now create the walls. To create walls, start by packing wet sand and shaping it into square-shaped “bricks.”

Carefully stack them on top of each other, repeating this step until you’ve created the desired height for your sandcastles.

Ensure that your sand remains moist while you’re building. If you notice the sand becoming dry and crumbly, add a handful of water or use a spray bottle filled with water to dampen the sand blocks and pat it together again. 

It’s common for the water to drain out, so it’s best to add more water than use too little. This will prevent the sand from becoming dry and your sandcastle from crumbling.

Add Details

Once your sandcastle is built, it’s time to get creative and add more features! 

Begin using a spatula or plastic knife to create your towers’ rooflines and smooth out any rough spots on the tower and walls. 

Remember to always start carving from the top and work your way down to avoid damaging already carved areas due to falling sand. Take your time and work gently to prevent the structure from crumbling. 

Adding seashells and seaweed to your design will make your sandcastle look awesome. You can add them to the tower wedges, walls, or around the castle’s base. It’s also great to place small flags or windmills into your sand castle’s towers for a playful touch. 

Now, gather your buckets and shovels, and enjoy building your sandcastle! 

What are your thoughts about this? Have you made a sandcastle before? Do you have other hacks to build an awesome sandcastle? Please comment below with your answers.

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