What happened to KidzNet?

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Dear KS,
Some of you may know me, I joined back in 2016 with some of my buddies. I have been a long-time member of this community and I haven’t always been very active. Recently, I’ve been checking my search history from a couple of years ago and stumbled upon KidzNet, again. So, I chose to log in. Now, all of a sudden, my data and friends, even old posts are gone! Everything’s missing! What happened to everything, where is it? Has it all been wiped? Will I ever be able to locate others who haven’t logged in yet? I noticed that our log-in credentials were still completely unharmed and okay. Does this mean that our old data is still saved, somewhere, or is it truly gone forever? Hopefully, all my questions can be answered by this wonderful community. I’ve only come for answers. I do appreciate the update, but I only dislike the fact that all my saved data is missing.

– Romi330

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