THE HERITAGE CHANGES – On the Occasion of Heritage Day 2023

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Hello, friends! Today I want to talk to you about an exceptional day coming up soon: World Heritage Day 2023, which will occur on the 18th of April.

This day celebrates the cultural heritage of different regions and countries worldwide and raises awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting cultural monuments and sites for future generations. It’s observed every year.

World Heritage Day was established in 1982 by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and was later adopted by UNESCO.

Every year, ICOMOS proposes a theme for activities to be organized by its members, partners, and anyone who wants to join in marking the day.

The theme for 2023 is HERITAGE CHANGES, which I applied as the topic.

This theme invites us to explore how traditional knowledge and practices can inform innovative and transformative climate action and how cultural heritage can be part of the solutions for a more sustainable future.

Here are some examples of heritage sites around the world.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

2. Petra, Jordan

3. Stonehenge, England

4. Taj Majal, India

5. The Great Wall of China, China

6. Yellowstone National Park

You can also view the complete World Heritage list here.

So how can we learn from the past to shape the present and the future?

How can we use our heritage to support the equitable protection of vulnerable communities through climate action?

How can we showcase the ways in which heritage changes our lives and our environment for the better?

There are many ways to celebrate this day and get involved in activities. You can visit and support your local cultural icons and monuments or visit some remarkable cultural heritage sites worldwide.

You can also participate in online events, webinars, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, and campaigns organized by various organizations and institutions.

You can also share your own stories, photos, videos, and opinions on social media using the hashtags #HeritageDay #WorldHeritageDay.

I hope you are as excited as I am for this day, and I encourage you to join me in celebrating our rich and diverse cultural heritage. Let’s make this day a memorable one, and let’s make a difference for our planet and our people. Happy World Heritage Day 2023!

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