My Dog Blog #1: How To Know What A Dog Is Feeling – Tails

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Dogs have long tails, and they do different movements with their tails when they feel scared and other feelings. Lets start easy with their tails pointing up high and tight. Upright means they are confident. The next one is high and curved over their back, which means they are super confident. The third one is horizontal and stiff, meaning cautious. For example, when there is a predator nearby you might see their tail horizontal and stiff.

When a dog’s tail is horizontal, but NOT STIFF, it means that it’s only aware of something, but not cautious. When their tail is down away from its body, it’s a sign of being comfortable. When their happy, their tail is raised with broad waging. And last but not least, seeing their tall tucked between the legs means their scared.

Their are more signs and these are just some of them.

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