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Don’t worry. It happened a few weeks ago. Getting surgery soon. Nervous.

So I am getting surgery for my broken leg because I hurt it at cheer.

Fracture surgery on leg
Fractured Leg Surgery

I am only a little bit worried, but it is a compound fracture. A compound fracture, also called an open fracture, is a bone break where you can see the bone through the skin.

I am lucky that this is not life threatening or anything.

My surgery is in a few days and I am super nervous.

The surgeons will align the bones and use braces to hold them in place.

A cast or brace over the leg is usually provided after surgery to keep things steady so the bones can fully heal over time.

Leg Cast

Please wish me luck!

P.S. Sorry I am not on here much!!

Luv you besties!!

-braceletgirl123 out.

Have you ever broken a bone? Was surgery needed? Comment below with your experiences and tips.

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