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It’s National Ice Cream Month!!!!

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July is National Ice Cream Month. Did you know that? I bet you didn’t! It means your task is to consume extra ice cream in July. The fun tradition was started by former US president Ronald Reagan, who issued Proclamation 5219 in honor of this “nutritious and wholesome food” way back in 1984! President Reagan loved sweet jelly beans too, so it is not that surprising. This event lets American people, from kids to the elderly, mark the month, or at least the 17th of July as National Ice Cream Day where people hold ceremonies and fun activities around ice cream.

Here is some fun ice cream trivia to keep you entertained while enjoying a cool ice cream  dessert!!

Origins Of Ice Cream

The first recorded  ice cream was made using heated and fermented milk, flour, and camphor. Camphor comes from evergreen trees and has a very strong smell to it. This came from the Tang dynasty (618 – 907 AD) in China. It was frozen milk, but far from what we eat today in terms of flavor. The Arabic people get the credit for  inventing the present recipe, using milk and sugar as the basic ingredients in the 9th century. As with every invention, good things reach a higher level over time. This delicious treat was made using milk, cream, flavored rosewater, dried fruits, and nuts. It was widely sold all over Baghdad, Damascus, and Cairo.

Ice cream did not get to the US until 1744 when Maryland Governor Thomas Bladen treated his guests with strawberry ice cream! At that time, only the very wealthy could afford to eat ice cream since it required refrigeration. Now, Americans are the world’s largest consumers of ice cream! Americans eat an average of 48 pints per person each year! Roughly $6 billion is spent each year on these treats. This number gets even higher if the amounts sold in restaurants are included! I hope these will be new facts for you on ice cream!

Flabbergasted Ice Cream Records!!

The popularity of this frozen desert makes it a favorite for setting Guinness World Records! The newest record was set in 2021 by the Ice Cream Lab pop-up at the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates). The temporary shop offered ice cream lovers 1,001 ice cream flavor options, setting a new world record for the most flavors offered at once. I know you and I will be dreaming to go to that shop and buy your own favorite flavor of ice cream…

Meanwhile, in 2018, an Italian ice cream fan – Dimitri Panciera, made a world record for balancing the most scoops — 125 — on a single ice cream cone!!! His feat was shown on the set of the television show “La Notte Dei Record,” and was loved by millions of people. The video below is the official “Guinness world record” video of it.

Your Flavor Choice Reveals Your Personality!!

Most people think their choice of ice cream flavor is based on their taste preferences, but Dr. Alan Hirsch, the founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, says that your chosen flavor reflects the person’s personality. Pick your favorite flavor from the below image.

ice cream.jpg

Please note that your personality can sometimes be different from what you pick, but it’s your chance to test whether they are true or false!

According to Dr. Hirsch, Vanilla flavor fans are “impulsive risk-takers” who are best at making friendships. Love chocolate ice cream? Then you are lively, charming, and slightly dramatic! LOL. Strawberry ice cream lovers tend to be introverts, while mint chocolate chip ice cream fans can be ambitious and argumentative. Amazingly, those who like the multi-colored rainbow sherbet are named as pessimists, while rocky road ice cream fans are thought to be good listeners and speakers!!

Make Your Own Ice Cream!

What ice cream flavor do you love?? Are the above statements about ice cream choice and personality true for you? Please Comment Below!!


A challenge for you!

Can you guess my favorite flavor? It’s great if you can! Give it a try my friend!


I hope my article brought fun and joy for you this month. Do not forget to leave your golden comment in the comments section of my article!!

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