Facts about Naruto

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Naruto is a long-running TV show that has grown an audience worldwide because of its humor and epic action scenes. The show has over a thousand episodes that span three different shows.

There are many hidden facts about Naruto, so I am here to share them with you.


The voice actor for the main character, Naruto, is actually a girl. She is Junko Takeuchi, a Japanese actress.

Although Naruto is a boy, his voice actor is a woman. This is because men usually have deep voices that cannot be manipulated to a higher pitch, and if they use a boy for the show, he will eventually grow up and get a deeper voice. This is very common in animation. An example of this is Goku, who is also voiced by a woman.


Naruto’s name actually comes from a fish cake. This fish cake is called Narutomaki. His last name is Uzumaki. 

The creators must really like fish cake. Yet Naruto does not specifically like fish cake in the series.


If you’ve watched the show, you know that the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke is what the whole show is about. Sasuke is a fellow classmate of Naruto.

He is the best student in his class and is very serious. On the other hand, we have Naruto. He is the worst student in the class and always makes a fool of himself.

This rivalry is actually based on the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta.

As you can see, Naruto is a show with many facts hiding behind all the episodes the show has to offer.

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