Dragon Crossroad: This Is A Dragon?

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Apparently humans think THIS is a dragon. Just to prove my point, here are my verdicts:

A Komodo “Dragon” looks like this:

images (2).jpg

And I look like this:


See the difference? Although we look different, there are some similarities.

A Komodo dragon is 10.3 feet long (3.13 m), 154 pounds (70 kg), but goes only about 25 miles per hour.  A certain dragon called a lindworm is 10 feet long. Another called a skystripper is about 150 pounds. But I’ve never heard of a dragon that goes 25 mph. Really.

In the wild, Komodo dragons live 30 years. Also, a similarity is that they eat 80 percent of their body weight in a feeding. It is the same as dragons.

A Komodo dragon works security cameras at a store for other Komodo dragons. Mostly, he makes sure no other dragon is spying on the customers.

He is a monitor monitor monitoring a monitor for monitoring monitors.

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