Bowling and How it Came to Be

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Long ago, bowling was called “nine-pins”. This was in the time of the colonies.

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Nine-pins had, well, nine pins, a ball and a flat surface to play it on. You had to make the ball hit eight pins without it hitting the middle pin. Legend has it you were are a good Christian if you played this game because the pins resembled your sins.

Modern bowling is a competitive sport in which you roll a ball down a 60 foot long lane and attempt to hit all 10 balls to score. A strike happens when all pins are knocked down. A perfect game happens when the player achieves all strikes without missing a pin. The chances of bowling a 300 are 11,500 to 1. The youngest person ever to roll a 300 was 9-year old Hannah Diem.

The highest score to achieve without rolling any strikes is 199.

I play bowling but I am horrible at it. My personal best is 73. But practice makes perfect, right?

And with that said, happy holidays, all right?

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