Birthdays I’ve Got Up To Now

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These are the birthdays I’ve got up to now in my Birthday Group. If you have not informed me of your birthday yet, post on the comment section of this post. Please be kind to post here and not anywhere else (community wall, other posts, and including the birthday group, wishes posts, re-activating, etc),otherwise I’ll not be able to know where you commented.

  1.   Joni- 8th May
  2. @caryl- 9th May
  3. @flowermagic- 27th Jun
  4. @semm- 27th Jun
  5. @golden eagle – 29th June (13)
  6. @bookwarm- 31st May
  7. @try2movem-t – 7th Feb
  8. @zoe’s bro- 17th Feb
  9. @zoe- 17th Oct
  10. @yuss – 1st Dec
  11. @loverainbowsrain – 18th Mar
  12. @sticks- 23rd Mar (oreo ice cream cake)
  13. @esie- 23rd Mar (earthquake cake)
  14. @eloquentracer92-  26th Jul
  15. @galaxy- 1st Jul
  16. @nutellagirl- 24th Dec
  17. @leo neocat- 19th Dec
  18. @athena- 6th Dec
  19. @oscar- 31th Aug
  20. @littlemixandblackpinkfan1- 22nd Aug (flav-Vanilla)
  21. @minecraftnerd- 15th Oct
  22. @Bluezwagger- 15th Nov (chocolate)
  23. @basketball4life- 6th Sep
  24. @marshmallowsmoosh- 19th Sep (flav-rainbow)
  25. @cookielover123- 4th Apr
  26. @sssniperwolflover- 28th Oct (flav-red velvet)
  27. @ava- 2nd Sep

For more information visit my posts-

P.S. If I had typed your birthday wrong please comment below.

Jason (Alex)

(the moderator of Birthday group)

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