Backlash… for KidzNet User of the Year 2023

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Okay, so I intended KidzNet User of the Year 2023 (and KidzTalk too, but this post is about the KidzNet version) to be a peaceful voting ceremony where you nominate who you think influenced 2023 the most on here.

Not a ceremony where people get upset because other people didn’t vote them and they (the person who gets upset) posted a lot.

And this year’s ceremony did have a little bit of the first one, but it also had a lot of the second one.

Look at it: everyone influenced the year in some way or another. But this ceremony is for who the public thinks who ESPECIALLY influenced the year.

So, for those who didn’t get voted a lot and are upset: Someone, and I repeat, someone, probably did vote for you. If you didn’t get any votes, maybe it’s because you’re overshadowed. I dunno. I’m just the host, and I can’t vote or determine why people don’t get voted. (Well I can technically do both but it’d be unfair if I do the first one and…)

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