Adventure Time! (Come Along With Your Friends. We Go To Very Distant Lands with Jake The Dog And Finn the human. The Love Will Never End. It’s Adventure Time!

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Okay, guys, hello. Today’s topic is Adventure Time. Adventure Time is a Cartoon Network show that ran for 10 seasons and has been adapted into many movies. The show is about the two main protagonists, Jake, The Dog, and Finn, The Human.

Jake is well… a dog! And Finn is… a human! The show tells the story of the relationship between a man and a dog. Jake is super stretchy; he can grow and shrink! Finn is the only human in the whole show (until, like, season 6).

They battle monsters, fall in love, have children, and have many, many flashbacks. They are all dealing well with the vampire queen, a mini-computer named BMO.

That’s it for today, bye-bye!


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