10 Most Expensive Pet Fish in the World – But Just 5 for You!

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Hi everyone! Do u like fish?I do! They’re amazing sometimes. My pet fish can even figure out the difference between a lego piece and their food!

Today I’m gonna talk about the most expensive fish in the world.

1. Asian Arowana

Price – $20,000 – $400,000

Asian Arowana is the most expensive fish in the world as you can also see in it’s price. It’s more available in Asian countries, as its name implies. It is sold to domestic farms and sales, but it is currently not allowed to be imported into the U.S.A. (unfortunately!)

It is denoted as a symbol of luck and fortune, perhaps for its appearance to the traditional Chinese Dragons. Buying one could be very difficult, especially for us in the Western corner. Fish breeders sell them for around $20,000 to qualified buyers, but those fish from the wild are sold at a price like $300,000!

If that isn’t expensive enough, “Platinum Arowana,” is even more exotic and rare. Surprisingly, they also have a microchip embedded to help track it and its offspring. $400,000 has been offered for it – making it the single most expensive fish in the world!

Sri Lanka also has an Arowana breeding company and has successfully bred these lucky fish. My uncle said this a few years ago.

2. Polka Dot Stingray

Price – $100,000

This fish, also known as the Leopoldi Stingray, isn’t just expensive; it’s dangerous, too! Why? The poison from the spine can cause massive harm, making them more dangerous than even the sharks that we hear so much about.

This wonderful fish with brilliant, white polka-like dots is rare. So many collectors love to have it in their home aquariums. They are native to Brazil, and exporting them is illegal, as they are endangered. The polka dot guy can bring sales of thousands of dollars for just one!

3. Peppermint Angelfish

Price – $30,000

This mini beauty creature measures about 7 cm and is hard to find among the reef cliffs of the eastern-central Pacific. It lives deep down (roughly 120 meters deep), where the access of humans is rare.

Centropyge boylei (its scientific name) has been found occasionally. However, it has commanded quite a price. Very recently, a scientific exploration of the Smithsonian resulted in one being brought back to the Waikiki Aquarium! It was reported that collectors had offered $30,000 for this brilliant little creature.

4. Masked Angelfish

Price – $15,000

These fish are rarely seen for sale, as they are native to the waters of the Hawaii Islands, and regulations strictly forbid collecting wild fish for aquarium sales. The only two that have made news for being sold outside of Hawaii were sent to a collector who lived in Japan.

The two got a total of $30,000. This nice breed of angelfish still has a very high demand.

5. Bladefin Basslet

Price – $10,000

This striking little fish from the Caribbean is merely 4 cm in length. It has a bold red color pattern on silver scales. Since it lives well below 150 meters, it is very difficult to find them without specialized underwater equipment. It is currently being sold at a price of $10,000 or more.

But the Golden Basslet, a cousin, has been priced at $2,000 less. Its beautiful golden color makes it eye-catching for collectors. It is always high in price, sometimes due to its difficulty in finding them.

The Most Expensive Fish for Hobbyists That You Can Buy

This previous list was the most expensive fish which costs a lot of money for many of the species. On the other hand, even though you may have the money, most of them are illegal to buy or sell, or they only come up from deep waters every few years or so. Here’s a list of expensive fish that you can more easily buy for your home aquarium if you are a hobbyist

1. Bali Aquarich Captive-Bred Clarion Angelfish ($3,999.99)

Another angelfish, but this one is captive-bred and grows approximately  8 inches. You’ll need at least a tank of 180 gallons to hold this guy!!

2. Gem Tang ($2,699.99)

A black color fish with brilliant white spots (just like a stingray), this fish is a bit aggressive and needs expert care to raise. So you’ll need an assistant if you buy one.

3. Bluestripe Tamarin Wrasse ($1900.00)

if you are a beginner fishkeeper, you should not purchase this great fish. But this Wrasse requires a very large tank to live. It also must have the ability to access a particular environment with marine algae and marine water-like conditions to stay alive. So it is recommended for institutions like zoos and schools mostly.

Experts do not recommend them for domestic aquariums except for highly dedicated fishkeepers who can afford more for maintenance.

4. Tigerpyge Hybrid Angelfish ($1,299.99)

This amazing angelfish is a bit hard to find but comes up for sale more often. It’s a product of Indonesia and grows merely to 6 inches in length.

5. Weedy Scorpionfish ($450)

Take caution with this crazy creature! The scorpionfish seems to be quiet and calm but has a venomous sting, so do not touch it. This guy grows nearly 6 inches and has a brilliant orange and yellow hue.

It is was long, but I hope you like this post.

Have a nice fishy day!


Are you a fishkeeper too? Comment below in the section!

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