What is an Emotional Wheel? – Psychology & Science for kids

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Invented by : Psychologist Robert Plutchik, Ph.D.
An emotion wheel is a circular graph that depicts the range of human emotions and how they relate to one another. The emotion wheel has 7 core emotions at the center. These are love, fear, anger, disgust, surprise, happy, sad. Each of these core emotions have other related emotions within them.

Humans have over 34,000 emotions! Sorting out what you are feeling and the reason can be a difficult task. The Emotion Wheel was invented to help organize complex emotions so that people could more easily gain clarity, identify, and label their emotions.

Take a look at the Feelings Wheel image above to see how it works. In the center are your core emotions. Above it are other feelings that often related to one of the core emotions. The wheel can help you understand why you feel a certain way. For example, if you find yourself feeling sad or depressed, you can look at possible causes to solve the problem by looking for root causes. According the the wheel, It might just be because you are tired and need some rest. It can also be used to help out friends and family.

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Do you think an emotion wheel can help you out in life? Please comment below with your thoughts about it.

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