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Many of you reading this are probably previous KidzNet users. The original version of KidzNet that launched in 2017 was based on a different platform called Open Source Social Network. It had many nice social features, like groups and messaging. However, it also had a lot of issues and often ran much too slow. It was also difficult to update and improve.

Another important reason for the update was that we noticed most users were not keeping their groups active, posting much content, or even messaging other users. However, commenting on posts was always popular.

The version you see now is based on WordPress, which means it runs much faster and has a huge base of developers creating new features all the time to improve KidzNet. Some things are the same, like being able to friend and follow other users, mentions (@user) to notify people, and of course comment on posts. You will notice a very improved comment system that will let you embed content from dozens of sources, including GIFFY, Tenor, YouTube, etc. just by adding a comment link.

Other updates include the highly requested Verified User feature that lets you apply to get verified. Currently, only verified users can have a custom background with a checkmark by your name. There will be more perks later. You will also see a point system and badges. We will start offering benefits over time for different level users, including special prizes and awards, and a store to buy things with your points!

Another big change lets unregistered users read content and participate in discussions, and even make new posts. However, they can’t have their own custom profile image or accumulate rewards. This should help to significantly increase user participation.

You can do most things you did on the original system (create groups, posts, comment), plus many new exciting features that will be coming soon which were not possible on the old version. They may seem different, but you will quickly get used to the new way of doing it and benefit from the increased speed and greatly enhanced features.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering about their old KidzNet content. It is all safe and secure. Your KidzNet profile should have an archive link to it. Please move whatever content you need to the new version.

Some posts will come from KidzSearch staff writers, but you are encouraged to submit them too using the menu “Post” creation link. You can also request a group with the “Group” button. The “Wall / Chat” link is like the old KidzNet wall where you can talk about anything (it is all fully moderated). Your profile section and activity feed is like the old KN personal newsfeed and will let you know what your friends are up to and have posted.

Please provide suggestions or feedback in the comment section below. Welcome back to KidzNet!

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