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We Adopt Scooby

This dog story starts when a family of 3 come to adopt her. She is a German Shepherd and her name is Scooby shown below.

The previous family she lived with did not care much for her. They just had a little box sort of thing for her to sleep in, but it only was big enough to fit her tail and she was outside in the heat. They got her for breeding, but she had some problems and couldn’t have puppies. They thought she was a waste of money and did not provide the right amount of food!

Luckily, a very special family came to adopt her who had a nice place for her. It  was almost the complete opposite of her original home where she will have a lot of love.

The people who adopted her are my family! It has been 5 years since we adopted her. She is now a happy German Shepherd.

Scooby Gets a Friend – Simon


The next dog we got was Simon. Simon is a Rottweiler, so he needs to eat meat to be strong and healthy. However, the family we got him from was vegan and did not give him enough meat, so he did not grow properly, but we still wanted to adopt him. Now Simon and Scooby live happily together with my family.

Have you ever adopted a pet from a shelter? Please comment below.

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