The Six Seasons of Bangladesh

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This is Bangladesh.

The home of Bengali people. The land of enormous beauty. The country of many rivers.

Also known as the land of six seasons.

That’s right, Bangladesh has six seasons.

Winter, summer, and monsoon are the three main seasons in areas close to the Indian Ocean. However, Bangladesh separates these three seasons into six for a number of reasons, including agriculture, business, and cultural heritage.

The six seasons of Bangladesh are mainly Summer (Grisma), Rainy (Barsa), Autumn (Sarat), Late Autumn (Hemanta), Winter (Sheett), and Spring (Basant).

Now, let’s discuss all the seasons!

Summer Season


When a new year starts, Summer or Grisma is the first season in the Bengali calendar of Bangladesh. It is a season with very hot and muggy weather.

A variety of colorful fruits and flowers bloom during this season in Bangladesh. Mangoes, jackfruits, blackberries, and many other juicy fruits grow in this season. Many festivals are celebrated in Summer, such as Bengali New Year.

But this season also appears with dust storms, which do harm to animals and plants. During this season, the day becomes longer than the night. The rivers dry up.

Rainy Season

After the scorching heat of summer, the rainy season or Barsa is very much needed. It rains heavily during this season, causing the dried rivers to fill up with water. Trees and plants grow better with green leaves and fruits.

The roads become muddy, so it can be uncomfortable to walk.

Autumn Season

This season is soft and smooth compared to other seasons.  Colorful butterflies and bees fly over the flowers. There’s a gradual decrease in humidity, but it’s still warm.

At the end of this season, the weather becomes cooler. Many aquatic flowers bloom during this season.

Late Autumn Season

The sky becomes clear. The sky is very beautiful as white clouds float. There’s no trace of rain in the sky.

A gentle breeze floats in the air with a sheet of cold mist. This is just the perfect weather!

Winter Season

As the days become shorter, the nights grow longer. There is hardly any probability of rain. So the season is really dry.

The nights are cool and the days are mild. The season of mist and fog has arrived. The temperatures fall. The lowest average temperatures are 12 °C.

Spring Season

This is the last season in the Bengali calendar. There are different fragrances and scents around in the air as many beautiful flowers bloom.

The weather is very pleasant during this season.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Comment your thoughts below!

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