The Red Emblem and the Green Border – Bangladesh, My Country

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Hello guys, today i am telling you some of the history of Bangladesh,

At one time, Bangladesh rose up from the water as a delta, with very fertile lands.

A specific race was found in the area, They used it as there own place. Later, it became a country.

Our first prime minister in Bangladesh, also known as the father of Bangladesh, helped developed the country, have its own military, and a lots of other things.

After that, Bangladesh was in Pakistani Muslim rule when Pakistanis tried to change their language. After, they had a war. The Bengalis won and said you cannot change our language.

One time they were under British rule. British people tried to change their name as they did to Hindustan, but Bangladesh was too insistent to not change their name.

That is what I know. I will maybe do some research and give more information afterwards. Bye.

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