The Louisiana Purchase

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In 1803, The French presented the US with an opportunity to purchase the Louisiana territory, which is the western half of the Mississippi River basin, from France by the United States.

Thomas Jefferson thought that France might want to control the Mississippi River. So he sent Robert Livingstone and James Monroes to France to negotiate a deal. Surprisingly, they were given the opportunity to buy the whole Louisiana Territory.

The Louisiana Purchase was signed by Robert Livingston and James Monroe in Paris, France on May 2, 1803, 

James Madison made the purchase, and it was at less than three cents per acre. He paid $15 million for 828,00 square miles.

This purchase not only doubled the size of the US but also allowed poor families access to land and a chance for prosperity.

It was known as the greatest land bargain in U.S. history. And this was one of the greatest achievements of Jefferson’s presidency.

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