Pumpkin, nominee for the first *possible* mod. + JD2005

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Guten Tag, KS & Pumpkin (and JD2005)

Well, to get things started, I have noticed that Pumpkin (The most popular user in KN) has been making a lot of well-received posts. I have decided that they are a leader and should be trusted with these permissions. They are very active and do a lot for the network. Anyone who would like to please put a Y or N in the comments, after 48 hours I will count them and if there is above a 70% Y rate I will make a true post on this. It will include 5/10 reasons why they should become a mod. I also would like to make an honorable mention to JD2005. JD2005, you have shown the entire community that you know exactly what you’re doing. You have the serious skills of a leader. I think that the entire community will agree with me, you’re doing fantastic. Anyway, please hear me out KS. Hope to hear from you soon!

– Romi330

PS: Join my group ^~^

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