Owl City and Why I Love His Music

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Owl City is a techno-pop artist who is most known for the song “Fireflies” from his first album Ocean Eyes.

Adam Young is the founder and only main member of the band Owl City. His first job was loading Coca-Cola trucks in his hometown of Ottumwa, Iowa.

Adam Young

After making a deal with Universal Republic in 2009, he wrote and published Ocean Eyes, including “Fireflies,” the song that kicked the “football of success,” as he called it. 

Adam is also a 37-year-old Christian and has written many Christian songs, including “Galaxies” and “Meteor Shower,” which made it to public Christian radio a week after it was published.

Adam said, “ My faith is the only thing besides my family that is more important than my music, and I believe not sharing it is a crime to go to jail for, which shows his strong faith in the Lord.

Adam wasn’t active after his last album, “My Time,” in 2010, But in 2021, he made a remix of the song “Jesus Freak.”

On May 13, 2022, he released a cover of All-Star, originally a song by Smash Mouth. Then on June 2022, Owl City published a photo on his social media with the caption, “I’m back.” The photo hinted at a cover of the new album based on historical events that inspired him personally.

Adam’s strong faith, great music, and cheery personality make him a great artist and person. Unlike most celebrities, he is loved by many for his talents and willingness to talk to others.

Adam Young is truly the best of the best.

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