Meet The World’s Shortest Dog Living

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Like all animals, dogs come in different breeds, shapes, and sizes. But have you ever wondered about what dog is the shortest living today?

What if I tell you that the shortest dog living in the world can literally fit in your pocket?

Yes. You read that right. A dog that small!

Meet Pearl, a two-year-old female Chihuahua who Guinness World Records officially crowned as the world’s shortest dog living.

Pearl measures 3.59 inches tall, meaning she’s shorter than a standard remote control or a popsicle stick.

Image credit: Guinness World Records

In length, she’s only about 5.0 inches, around the same size as a dollar bill.

Image credit: Guinness World Records

Look how small Pearl is!

Image credit: Guinness World Records

When Pearl was born in September 2020, she weighed less than an ounce. Now, she has grown up to 1.22 lbs, thanks to her healthy diet of high-quality chicken and salmon.

This adorable pooch is related to the previous record holder, the late “Miracle” Milly, which was an identical sister of Pearl’s mother. Miracle Milly measured only 3.8 inches in height.

Her owner, Vanesa Semler, described Pearl as “small like a ball” and slightly taller than a teacup.

Image credit: Guinness World Records

She also revealed that Pearl is “a bit of a diva” and claims she loves “dressing up nice.” 

Vanesa also added that Pearl even chooses her clothes and tells them what she likes to wear daily. 

Pearl was recently presented on the TV talent show Lo Show Dei Record set in Milan, Italy. 

Vanesa carried Pearl onto the set in a pink and brown Easter egg-shaped seat. While in front of a huge live audience, Pearl was unusually calm and unfazed (for a Chihuahua) at being on stage. 

Moreover, Vanesa told the show’s host that Pearl is “a child at heart” despite now being over two years old. She also mentioned that Starbucks is one of Pearl’s favorite places when she goes on a walk.

According to Guinness World Records, Pearl’s record qualified when she was measured at the same hospital she was born in: Crystal Creek Animal Hospital in Orlando, Florida. 

Pearl’s vet, Dr. Giovanni Vergel, measured her three times using a dog measuring wicket to determine her height accurately.

Image credit: Guinness World Records

Each measurement was taken in compliance with Guinness’ official guidelines. Pearl was measured from the base of the front leg foot up to the top of the ridge between her shoulder blades in a straight vertical line.

The shortest dog ever recorded was Sylvia, a dwarf Yorkshire terrier owned by Arthur Marples (UK). The fist-sized dog was only 2.8 inches tall and 3.75 inches long from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. 

Sylvia died in 1945, just before her second birthday.

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