Hunting Controversy

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Salve, everyone

I noticed that there is a lot of controversy about hunting. I will make something clear. There will be NO insulting others, NO purposefully putting someone down, and NO cursing. Your opinions are valid. You cannot make others stop hunting or make others start hunting. Please don’t bring hate to your fellow “Netters.” I posted a comment about hunting on someone else’s post, so I may as well put the same in here.

“Actually, many hunters dislike making deer suffer. They usually try to hit the head/heart so that it isn’t painful for the deer. Also, we do need to eat meat, it’s very unhealthy not to eat any meat. Yes, excessive meat consumption isn’t healthy, but neither is excessive plant consumption. This is the case with everything. You most likely use plastic wrap and bottled water, which are even worse for the environment than hunting deer. Even so, people do eat deer, it’s called venison. Venison is a popular delicacy in New Zealand, too. Hunting deer is 100% legal in all states. On Sunday it’s illegal in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. The only reason for this is because of religious reasons from long ago. If it wasn’t morally correct, it would be illegal to hunt. Even if you think that it isn’t morally correct, it keeps ecosystems in check. Without hunting, many areas would become overpopulated with deer. Have you noticed how deer aren’t endangered? Sorry for the very long post, it’s just that this isn’t correct at all. Deer hunters even help people who don’t have any food or people in need. Here are some sources and facts that you can look at.

PS: Key Deer are not the type of deer that are hunted.” This is the comment I made, on @1652 post. Don’t bring hate to him, or pumpkin. As @1653 once said, “Guys it is alright to be vegan. And there is a law that when you hunted down game you have to call a number on your phone notify them that you hunted down something and fill out some paperwork.” This is 100% correct and if you don’t like this, please bring it up with the United States government.

– Romi330

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